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Wrought Iron Railings





Cheltnam, wrought iron railings a beautiful example of traditonal wrought ironwork. These railings are made from 16mm uprights with 40mm x 10mm cross rails. The railheads are forged and the railings stand at 1 metre high.

Cotswold Railings

Price £120 plus vat per metre and delivery

Evesham railings, wall top metal railings in a heavyweight design the uprights again are 16mm with a heavy arrow head, with safety ball on top.

Evesham Railings

Price £90 plus vat per metre and delivery

Banbury, we can make our railings to suit any shape or style, so if you have a curved wall will make the railings to follow the curve.

Banbury Railings

Price £110 per metre plus vat and delivery









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Gates and railings in Warwickshire, have been around since blacksmiths railings were young ironworkers, we use an ironworker to produce our wrought iron railings, which is the best for electric gates in stratford upon avon. Sliding gates and sliding gate railings in metal is one of our primary fields.  Installing to very high standards means that our engineers and wrought iron smiths have become renowned through out all areas of hand made railingsrails gates metal railing rear automation in all the areas of stratford upon avon, leamington spa , the west midlands, London , shipston on stour and all the remaining Areas of Warwickshire and oxfordshire. Most automaticslidingiron railing only come with a short warranty,galvanised wrought iron railing gates have been around for a long time but are now becoming more popular a bit like galvanised railining gates which is the option that most people go for nowadays. To watch a gate slide is a joy it glides with ease across the metal work and wrought iron hinge pins what a great piece of engineering. Gates that slide or gates sliding is a great expression of how a sliding gate works, gate automation is so important these days with the amount of security gate issues there have been in the past, a lot more people are worried about their security and so have an electric gate installed. Iron work where did this phrase arrive from to work iron  of course traditional blacksmiths or ironworkers were the mainstay of the country back in the 1700s when traditional tools were used , long before gate automation or railings were made by machine.Intially the blacksmiths made everything by hand from rod iron or workshop or forge. There used to be a lot of ironworkers based in the black country ,

Across a lot of villages like , stratford upon avon  Warwickshire  exhall , binton and shipston on stour to mention just a few.


One of the other things the humble blacksmith made was bridges you can now see many examples of bridges for the garden these days still made in the traditional way.When you used to approach a property via a the likelihood would have been that it was made of either metal or wood